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 If you are a confident father from the moment your first child is born, then there's something wrong with you!

It's true that men often feel that they are supposed to 'know all the answers' and 'be ready for anything'. To be a kind of an SAS man - supercool-high-tech-genius-father. Well, I have news for you - it isn't like that.

Fatherhood is something you get the knack of slowly. It comes to you from hanging around your children as they grow up through all the ages and stages. You start out clueless, you make all kinds of mistakes, and then one day you realise you just got through a whole day with the kids without any real dramas. Everyone is fed, in bed, warm, safe and with all their fingers and toes intact. Like any kind of newly acquired competence, it's a good feeling.

One day, when you see a younger dad, unshaven and red-eyed, struggling with a baby plus a toddler in the high street, you can grin at him sympathetically, and think 'You'll get there mate!'

There are naturally some obstacles to arriving at this happy state. Your own childhood is probably the biggest of these. If your father lost his temper a lot, or never played with you, then don't make these your limitations too. In a heated moment you might find yourself yelling just the same stupid things your parents yelled at you when you were small.

Take breaks, when necessary.  Choose a time of day when you and the child are relaxed.  Provide rewards (verbal encouragement, gold stars on "chore chart" checklists or awards for tasks that have been mastered) and change up the rewards when needed.  Don't underestimate the "reward value" of one-on-one time with a loved grown up!  Ten minutes of "homework time" with daddy after work can become a special ritual for both father and child.


Children with involved fathers are usually happier, healthier, and have a greater chance at a successful future. Spending time with your children is the best gift you can give your children. Fathers can look for ways to spend more time with their children.


Fathers, Spend Quality Time With Your Children


As a father, no matter if you are from a traditional family set-up, a stay-at-home dad, a step dad, or anything else, you need to spend time with your children. This is the best way to keep bonds with your children and it shows them that you love them. Your time is better than any gift you could give them. There are many ways that one can spend time with your children, and here are a few examples.

A great way to enjoy nature and each other's company is to go outside and have a picnic. It is fun for kids to spend a spring or summer day with their father and eat delicious food while being one with nature. You can play games together, and there are no distractions like cellular phones, televisions, or the like.

Bedtime stories have always been fun for children, and they still are. These are great ways to create memories with your child, and it will improve their skills in imagination and inferring. You can learn how to become a good storyteller and they will have fun listening to you, and sometimes you can even create a circle story together.

During the summer vacation, kids love to get out and travel to places they don't normally go. This is a great opportunity to go out and take a vacation. Find out where they want to go and what activities you can do there together. Amusement parks and the like are great fun for children, and just because it's designed for young ones doesn't mean that you can not join the rides with your children and have fun with them.

You can travel to different places by going on a road trip. Although some people don't like road trips, they are great ways to spend time with your family if you handle the situation well. Make sure to pack healthy snacks to eat along the way, and you can play games while on the road.

On weekends and days when you are free, you can spend the evening with your children. Go out to eat or go through the mall. Or you can just stay home and play family games. Anything works as long as it is just the family for that night. You can even make this a weekly event and call it “family night”. A lot of families benefit from this, and it lets children realize the importance of a strong family bond.

Children who go to school are always swamped with homework, and this leaves them with less time to spend with you. You can turn this con into a pro though, by helping them with their homework. Not only will they love you for helping them, but you can also spend time with them and understand how they work and learn in school.

With these activities, you will be able to build a healthy and close father-child relationship. It is important to let your children know that you care for them and that you will be there for them, and spending time with them is the best way.

Thank you,

Harinder Saini




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