Donations and scholarships –DonationThe life forming mission of Oakdale School is a partnership with the community all over the world. The school is just in infant stage and in a very short span of time; it has established itself as a busy, thriving and purposeful school.

Broadens the students’ horizons …..

Our involvement in charity work broadens the students’ horizons and helps them to see themselves as part of a world-wide community. It supports our aims to foster an awareness of the importance of teamwork and co-operation encouraging tolerance, understanding and consideration for the needs of others, both in the school and in the wider community.

We not only welcome the donations and scholarships offered by you but also try to embody in Oakdalians the sense of giving and sharing.

Our commitment –

We are committed to establish Oakdale as a pre-eminent educational institution in the region. We firmly believe that only total commitment and intense focus of all can produce miraculous results. The vision of Oakdale is to expand and enhance the enrichment programs for the students. Oakdale School is committed to execute all its plans to bring out best infrastructure and programs.

Believe us; your contributions will do wonders!

Oakdale Endowment Fund – OEF –

The donations collected are kept in OEF. The OEF is established to secure the financial status of the Oakdale School. We intend to keep the principal amount safe in the fund and utilize the interest on the various activities for the welfare of the students. This fund is properly used in the development of the school.

Entirely your wish …..

Oakdale School invites you to explore the possibilities, to decide in which ever way your fund should be utilized in the school. The detail of the fund execution can also be given if so desired by the donor. We look forward to developing a positive relationship with you. Oakdale School always look forward to share information and ideas with the parents and the donors, to promote understanding of Oakdale School Program and to foster a spirit of cooperation and a sense of community and friendship as well as support to the school. Along with your donations we highly appreciate your concern to designate the category you wish your contribution to be utilized.

We welcome all and look forward to hearing from you!

Your donations support us in :-

  • Equipping school with the latest equipments helpful in different programs of the school.
  • Rewarding students / teachers / non teaching staff.
  • Special projects.
  • School building construction.
  • Upgrading library / language and science labs.
  • Underwriting the costs of bringing specialized guests to help students in various fields.
  • Periodical medical check-ups.
  • Traveling and lodging expenses of students who take part in sports and educational programs outside Hoshiarpur.
  • Helping deserving students whose parents are unable to meet the expenses of the school / weaker salary section.
  • Helping special children.

Payment option –

Cheques /  Credit cards should be made payable to –

·         Account Number – 31150476431 OAKDALE Education Society

State Bank of India


Hoshiarpur – 146113

Donors will be recognized at the following levels –



Patron / Patroness

1,00,000 and above

Core Zone

50,000 – 99,999

Mid Zone

10,000 – 49,999

Surface Zone

1000 – 9,999

We value your concern.

Donors list so far ……..









Mr. Harminder Singh &

Mrs. Eyette

     Long Island, U.S.A


Core Zone

School building construction.



Mr. Harbans Singh Gidda Sqn.Ldr, Retd.IAF New Jersey, U.S.A

Rs. 5,00,000


School bus



Mr. Tikshan Sood

M.L.A. Hoshiarpur, Pb, India.

Rs. 30,000

Mid Zone

School building construction.



Mrs. Mohinder Kaur Josh M.L.A. Hoshiarpur, Pb, India.

Rs. 2,00,000





Mr. Gurbux Singh &

Mrs. Meena Singh

Chairman & Director CWILL Group respectively. Lucknow, U.P. India.

Rs. 1,00,000

Patron &




6 13-12- 2009

Mr. Gulzar Singh

Proprietor of White Castle, Tanda Road. Hoshiarpur.

Rs. 11000/- Mid Zone Contribution in the Purchase of Water Cooler
7 23-12-10

Mr. Ajwinder Singh

M.D. Hoshiarpur Automobiles

Rs. 11,000/- Mid Zone Contribution in the Purchase of Sports Goods
8 22-10-11 Mrs. Narinder Pal Kaur Rs. 10,000/- Mid Zone Hockey Goal keeper Kit

Please feel free to contact :

Harinder Saini (Mrs.)

Mb. 09888609692

E-mail – principal@oakdale-school.com

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