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Oakdale School was founded on 25th December, 2005. The first educational session started on 1st March, 2006. With the grace of Almighty God, the school under the aegis of Oakdale Education Society has come out as a busy, thriving, purposeful, successful and above all, a happy school. After two sessions, today, it is a well known Co-educational Day School for children from grades Play way to 7.

The School is situated in a serene location, away from city chaos and traffic, spread in lush green 12 acres of land.

It has three distinct, but closely integrated departments :-

Early Years: Incorporating the Kindergarten, which has its own, purpose built, colourful and comfortable classrooms, with independent washroom and attendants; where our youngest children learn through playing and through the professional guidance of the team of kindergarten trained teachers and attendants who look after them. Exciting and enjoyable assignments make the teaching and learning process easy and convenient. Weekly class tests make the parents know about the progress of their child.

Primary Years: This is the Key Stage where children are taught by their form teachers and, as in Early Years, this is supplemented by specialist teaching of many other subjects. For better teaching and understanding, our classes are small and each child is given personal attention: the children are treated as individuals; there is no attempt to mould the children into a pattern. I believe firmly that every child has something valuable to offer and it is that unique gift in every child which should be nurtured. As for the evaluation of the learning of the children, regular class tests are taken. The thinking behind the concept of weekly tests is to make children know about everything rather than mugging up for the much feared examinations and get stressed at such a raw age.

Middle Years: In the third session of the School, we have two grades in the middle years. These are the years when children know their subjects and start ahead for the pre preparation of the 10th board examinations. These are adolescent years where our staff is always looking and working forward to develop a very positive relationship with the students. These years are vital to the child’s growth and development. I strongly believe that guidance by skilled, trained teachers allows child’s physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual development to progress smoothly and naturally. It is our constant effort to put in our developmentally appropriate programs which support imagination and a natural love of learning. Excellent learning material and dedicated staff combine to enhance the learning process and help each child grow and develop. The evaluation process of children is through regular tests and terminal examinations.

Campus and Development- Additions (2009-2010) :

  • A huge and well ventilated Library with more than 3000 books.

  • Hockey and football fields, coach Mr.Gurmail Singh.

  • Art and craft, teacher Mrs. Aarti.

  • Addition of more computers.

  • Huge skating ring.

  • Principal’s residence in the school campus.

  • New Faculty – Mrs Mansi, Mrs.Sheveta Sharma, Mrs.Parveen Joshi, Mrs. Aarti, Mrs. Shallu, Mr.Gurmail Singh, Mr.Iqbal Singh.

  • And many more …. 

Parents’ Association : The purpose of this message is to share information and ideas with parents, to provide understanding of our program and to foster a spirit of cooperation between parents and our staff. I strongly believe that open communication between parents and my staff is essential to fully meet the child’s needs. Parents are genuinely expected to follow the yearly schedule, circulars and timings.

I hope you will find this message useful as an orientation to both our policies and services. I always look forward for a positive relationship with you all.

I stand by my words to shape up Oakdalians with the team work of management, staff and parents into a self confident young men and women who genuinely turn out fine to face life in a rapidly changing world.

Please feel free to contact me.

Mobile : 09888609692

E-Mail : principal@oakdale-school.com

Web: www.oakdale-school.com


Harinder Saini



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